Dendai Uno is an American Producer/Rapper Born in San Diego, California. In 2006, Dendai made his solo album debut, Tha Hood Representative , a 14-track CD produced by Dendai Uno and released by HellaBrazy Enterprises. It was distributed hand to hand and helped establish his name in the Southern California region. In 2007 Dendai Released “Tha Hood Representative Vol.2”. Grabbing the attention of Reggae mainstay Eek-a-Mouse, with help from Mouse and his management team Dendai’s career got a much needed boost. He produced his follow up LP “Tha Hood Representative Vol.3” in 2008, featuring the popular track “I’m Sauced”as a single. 


After becoming very ill in 2009 Dendai would take a break from music and go to college to formally learn to teach music theory. He also spent that year teaching hip hop classes at juvenile detention centers in the Southern California area.


 In 2010 Dendai would start a podcast that the late Jerry Heller accurately described as “The future of entertainment”. The Rowdy Report featured a West-Coast booking agent named J Rowdy and would host culturally influential hip hop artists and public figures. They were able to tell personal stories and confirm or dispel rumors on the show as well as interact with listeners live. The show aired well over 100 episodes, but was cancelled shortly after.


 In 2011 Dendai Released “The Cheese Fries and Tacos/ American Nightmare” double disc. It featured the infectiously popular “What He won’t do”, it would also be his last project for a while. In 2016 he released “Check to Check” a project where we see a more mature and edgy Dendai Uno, featuring singles like “#Toldyou”, and “Easy”, it showed the contrast between making singles and being an aware artist. Songs like “Jesus Wept”, and “Can’t Believe It” showed he was definitely aware of the need to be marketable, and still be yourself as an artist.